Naturpark Lauenburgische Seen

Unique Landscape

The nature preserve Lauenburgische Seen is the oldest nature preserve in Schleswig-Holstein and now one of six in Germany's Northern-most state. The Federal Republic has more than 100 nature preserves, making up rough-ly one fourth of the overall area of the country.

Each nature preserve is unique in its nature and landscape as well as its cul-tural alignment. The interaction of man and nature in these large preserves is very special. The rules for protection and preservation of the flora and fauna are of benefit to everyone.

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Between Silence and Bathing Fun

While the large water surfaces and the still areas by the banks of the Schaalsee are mostly reserved to the flora and fauna, the water sport para-dise Ratzeburger See has large areas that permit any kind of sport and leisure time activity. Excursion ships bring visitors here, boats are available for rent, bathing and camping are options.

Directly experiencing nature is an important leisure time and holiday motif today, particularly for people from the metropolitan region of Hamburg. Personal experience and contact with forests and wetlands, rivers and lakes, open meadow and pasture landscapes stimulate the senses and regenerate own strength.

The Oldest Nature Preserve of Schleswig-Holstein

The nature preserve Lauenburgische Seen was founded by district council resolution from 10 May 1960. The subject of "Setting up local leisure time facilities" had been processed for over a year before. Founder Dr. Alfred Töpfer checked on how "his idea" was put into practice in the Lauenburg area personally in 1961.

From then onwards, Federal and state funds were provided for building and maintaining the local leisure time facilities, as well as for nature protection measures, supplementing the considerable own funds of the district for the development of the nature preserve. Later, another financial supporter came in: the "Verein für Naherholung Hamburg-Rand".
Today, the budget is still mostly made up from funds provided by the district. In addition the Verein für Naherholung Hamburg, the towns of Ratzeburg and Mölln contribute as well. Organisationally, the nature preserve is administrated by the government-operated organisation Kreisforsten, which manages the forests of the district.