Naturpark Lauenburgische Seen

Avenues and Glittery Water – Half-Timbered Houses and Field Flowers

A landscape like those in the paintings of old masters: lovely, soft and at the same time mysterious and mystical, exciting and powerful. Solitary fens, deep forests with moist valleys, gently rolling hills in front of glittery water surfaces, sprawling fields flanked by hedges and shot through with avenues.Poppy field

Powerful trees are rustling along brooks, golden corn is swaying in the wind under low-hanging cotton clouds on a blue background. In spring, yellow carpets of rapeseed look like patchwork, edged by poppy and cornflower against a backdrop of red brick, half-timbered buildings and reed roofs of the villages. Churches stand out, medieval monuments seated on granite boulders from the Ice Age.


The Mansions in the Duchy

The many manors and mansions, owned privately today, enrich the landscape of the Lauenburg area. At times hidden in their parks, visitors can find them in Kulpin, Niendorf/Stecknitz and Grambek, Gudow, Hollenbek, Groß Zecher and Seedorf, among others. Most of them were originally built more than 800 years ago, when Henry the Lion drew people from Lower Saxony and Westphalia into the Lauenburg area in the scope of Christianisation.

Great Art and Culture

Medieval architecture and narrow cobblestone alleys characterise the historic centre of Ratzeburg. Ernst Barlach and A. Paul Weber are a cultural highlight of this water sport and bathing paradise. You will follow in the tracks of a trickster when visiting Mölln, also with a medieval air to it. Fool Till Eulenspiegel was active here in the first half of the 14th century. Visitors can not only learn about his exploits in the Eulenspiegel museum at the old market square.

A well in Klein-ZecherThere is a lot to see in the region of the nature preserve Lauenburgische Seen – and to experience with all senses in nature, on the trails of culture and history or during culinary excursions into regional cuisine.

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A well in Klein-Zecher