Naturpark Lauenburgische Seen

Across Meadows, through Forests and to the Water

Excursions with Experts...

Excursions with Experts...

20 marked bicycle and hiking routes each lead to the most beautiful places of the lake area with its many forests and meadows in the nature preserve Lauenburgische Seen. Through fields and on tree-lined streets, you can explore the large and small lakes, the different forest- and wetlands. You can follow the flowing waters and canals or have a look at the wisent enclosure near Fredeburg. The long-distance bicycle route "Alte Salzstraße" takes you on a medieval tour, while the "Via Scandinavica" is part of St. James' Way.

The programme of the tourism centre "erlebnisreich" in Mölln offers many themed round tours for cyclists, among them the ice age tour, the lake bike tour, the monument tour, or the border tour. They are lined with "Handy Guide" stations, where you can call information on your mobile phone.

Guided Tours

There are many options to explore the nature preserve with a knowledgeable guide. The "erlebnisreich" centre offers excursions with experts into the flora and fauna or on the cultural and industrial history of the district.

Info board with smartphone guide

The European long-distance hiking paths "North Sea – Mediterranean", "Baltic Sea – Aegean" and the "International Coastal Path Atlantic – North Sea – Baltic Sea" are specifically marked in the nature preserve as well. The GPS-capable official bicycle, riding and hiking map "nature preserve Lauenburgische Seen in the Schaalsee landscape" is an ideal companion, offering all the important information for your arrival, possible tours and important details.

Together with the information panels in the nature preserve and the good signage, everyone will find a suitable parking place, a bike for rent, a shipping jetty or a jetty for their own boat. Bathing areas are marked as well as distinctive vantage points and sights, inns, farm shops and fisheries, nature monuments and barrows, hay hostels and some of the many storks' nests in the villages.